10 Apr 2018

Driver Fitness

Motorsport Training & Conditioning

The Hitech GP Performance Gym has been created specifically for racing drivers without compromise. When it was designed and built earlier this year, the goal was to simply provide the elite level racing drivers of today with all the tools they require to maximise their physical potential. With reaction light technology, specialist equipment assisting in neck & steering strength, a virtual reality cycling performance system, as well top of the line bespoke strength & conditioning equipment, there has been no stone left unturned in providing the most premium motorsport specific physical training facility.

Performance Nutrition Support

Nutrition has a far bigger role than simply how it impacts your body weight and fat levels. The hormonal and physiological responses to food and fluid intake can make night and day difference to the way a driver can physically perform, recover, concentrate, problem solve & generally drive optimally on a consistent basis.

Our head of human performance Tom is a member of the international sports nutrition association, an association that develops the latest research in performance nutrition. Tom will spend time with the drivers on their current diets and work on areas with them such as the timing and type of the foods they eat prior to racing, their intake of caffeine & what micronutrients they may be deficient to name just a few. Without specialist considerations to an individual driver’s nutrition, a driver can never expect to be able to perform to their best consistently.

Physio/ Sports Therapy Support

Potential injuries are among the biggest potential hurdles a driver can face. Tied in with the fact that being in a race car, travelling long distance regularly by plane and car & spending days seated on a simulator means racing drivers are fighting a consistent battle with postural related issues and general muscular tightness. Without regular sports massage and therapy treatments the chances of short term muscular tears and longer term serious chronic injuries becomes ever greater.

As part of the Hitech GP Human Performance Services, we perform regular sports therapy sessions around training days as well as on rest and recovery days.

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