At its modern facility adjacent to Silverstone Circuit, Hitech GP has invested in creating a dynamic environment and shaping a winning culture for its people, who share the team’s ambitions, vision and values.

This includes ensuring drivers have access to all the facilities and resources necessary to aid their development and progression.


360° Human Performance Approach


Motorsport is demanding and highly competitive. As young talents ascend the ranks of the junior formulae, the physical and mental pressure becomes a key factor requiring a considered human performance approach and a nurturing environment.

Hitech GP provides its drivers with a comprehensive sports science service addressing not only the day-to-day physical training, but access to advisers specialising in nutrition, physiotherapy, sleep and recovery, mental wellbeing, and other related forms of support, to help them perform at the optimum level.

The team’s facility houses a well-equipped gym with all the latest strength, conditioning, and cardio kit, where drivers’ progression is tracked in line with a tailor-made program.


Formula 1-grade Driver Simulator


Hitech GP and its drivers are benefitting from the recent investment in the Dynisma DMG-1, a ground-breaking, world-leading, F1-grade simulator.

The DMG-1, which enables the optimisation of car setup and prepares the drivers for each specific racetrack, gives a level of realism that means every aspect of race performance can be improved in the simulator.

Simulator programmes are individually tailored to the requirements of each driver and carefully managed by dedicated engineers. Each session is interspersed with and followed by detailed analysis, benchmarking against other drivers and real on-track data, and feedback to encourage the continuous development of driving skill and consistency.

Set against clearly defined, high bar targets, the key learning outcomes are:


  • Procedural protocols for starts and restarts
  • The effects of actions and reactions – optimum driving techniques specific to the car and how car behaviour in influenced by the driver
  • Racecraft analysis
  • Physiological relationship between car and driver i.e., physical, psychological, cardiovascular, thermal


A successful simulator session is the optimum combination of all these factors.

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